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Bharath World Records list “Maa Vullo O Paduchundi” as the first pre-recorded film ever produced

Hyderabad: “Maa Vullo O Paduchundi,” the first pre-recorded movie ever, has a unique place in cinematic history because pre-production was finished before the shooting began.

Andhra Pradesh Cinematography Minister Chelluboyina Venugopalakrishna presented the certificate to the film crew after Bharath World Records announced this record.

The event was held in the Telugu Film Chamber, and participants included producer Soma Vijay Prakash and director Veeru. K. Reddy and Neelakanta, Bharath World Records Chairman Ramanarao, Jury Member Indrani Sarkar, and producers Muthyala Ramdasu and Ravi Kanagala.

“Ave Kallu” is one of Krishna Garu’s superhit movies, according to minister Chelluboyina Venugopalakrishna, who spoke at the event.

He mentioned that the song from the movie “Ma Oollo Oka Paduchundhi” (Deyyamante Bayamannadhi) is still well-known. The minister continued, “I’m glad to dedicate such a different movie to superstar Krishna Garu,” noting that the song by Ave Kallu has the same name as the movie.

Giving the team the certificate and completing the dubbing, editing, and re-recording work before shooting, he said, made him feel proud. Director Veeru. K. Reddy and producer Soma Vijay Prakash thanked Minister Chelluboyina Venugopalakrishna in particular for travelling all the way to Hyderabad to perform the honours, as well as Bharath World Records Chairman Ramanarao.

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