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Prasar Bharati’s DD India is now the country’s number one English news channel

English news channel of Prasar Bharati DD India has recently experienced phenomenal growth on both TV and digital platforms. It recently surpassed 2 lakh YouTube subscribers. In terms of TV reach, DD India is the country’s leading English news channel. In the last eight weeks, DD India’s viewership has increased by nearly 150 percent. DD India is now available in over 190 countries through satellite, OTT, and the NewsOnAir app.
According to the most recent BARC data, DD India had over 8 million viewers, the most in the English news genre. Its nearest competitor has only covered half the distance that DD India has. DD India’s viewership has also increased steadily, increasing by around 150 per cent in the last eight weeks. Prasar Bharati’s DD India, which debuted in January 2019, is now available in over 190 countries via satellite, OTT, and the NewsOnAir app. DD India has made a name for itself around the world for its sharp analysis, commentary, and cutting-edge visual presentation of India-related issues.
Following Prasar Bharati Board approval, the process of launching DD India as an English news channel began in January 2019. The process of separating DD News as a Hindi news channel and DD India as an English news channel began in February 2019. Following that, DD India was added to the South Korean public broadcaster’s OTT platform in September 2019. DD India began broadcasting through private cable operators in Bangladesh the same month. DD India covered then-US President Donald Trump’s visit to India in February 2020, which was also broadcast on many foreign TV channels.
DD India debuted as a full-fledged English news channel in March 2020. As a result, DD News began broadcasting in Hindi, and DD India began broadcasting in English. The production and show on DD India are completely different from those on DD News. In January 2021, DD India will be available on Hotstar in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. This month, DD India launched ITV for distribution in 23 US states. The international media widely cited the then-Prime Minister of Slovenia’s interview with DD India in January 2022.
DD India also serves as a link between India and overseas Indians all over the world.
The channel’s various programmes provide an international audience with India’s perspective on all domestic and global developments. Some of the most popular shows on DD India include India Ideas, World Today, Indian Diplomacy, DD Dialogue, News Night, and others. Aside from DD India, Prasar Bharati’s digital platforms across the country are all experiencing rapid growth, with many of its YouTube channels already reaching the million-view mark. YouTube subscriptions are approaching 20 million, with a number of other milestones on the horizon. Prasar Bharati’s more than 190 YouTube channels are gaining regional traction, particularly in the South and North-East.
DD India Live, DD Sahyadri, DD Sahyadri News, DD Odia, and Doordarshan Tura have accelerated the pace of digital growth in Meghalaya. In 2017, the digital subscriber base of DD/AIR channels was barely 2 lakh. In five years, the cumulative subscriber base has grown a hundredfold to more than 2 crore (20 million), with DD/AIR broadcast professionals accepting the change.

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