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Environmental Activist Takes on Hyderabad LS Seat – Dr Lubna Sarwath’s Candidacy Sparks Excitement

On Thursday, April 25, Dr Lubna Sarwath, a prominent environmental activist, filed her nomination papers to contest from the Hyderabad Lok Sabha segment on Vidyarthula Rajakiya Party ticket. This news has been making rounds in the media and has caught the attention of many citizens.Dr Lubna Sarwath is not a new name in the field of activism. She holds a PhD from Trisakti University in Indonesia and has been actively involved in the cause of protecting urban lakes for more than a decade now. Her unwavering dedication and relentless efforts have made her a well-respected figure among the people of Hyderabad.

One of her major accomplishments was leading the people’s movement against the repeal of GO 111 by the BRS government. This GO was enacted to protect the lakes and water bodies in and around Hyderabad from encroachment and pollution. However, it was repealed by the government, which would have had grave consequences for the environment and the people living in those areas. Dr Lubna, along with other activists, successfully fought against this move and ensured that GO 111 was reinstated.In 2014, Dr Lubna contested from Hyderabad Lok Sabha segment on Aam Aadmi Party ticket and has also served as the general secretary of Socialist Party of India. Her strong stance on issues related to social justice, human rights, and environmental protection has been appreciated by many.

In fact, she wanted to contest on Congress’ ticket in order to defeat Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi, but was unsuccessful in securing the ticket despite lobbying at the highest level.Her nomination on Vidyarthula Rajakiya Party ticket has come as a surprise to many. However, it is evident that she has chosen this party because of its commitment towards the welfare, empowerment, and security of the people of Hyderabad.

The press statement released by Vidyarthula Rajakiya Party highlights Dr Lubna’s dedication and conviction towards the betterment of the city and its people.This move by Dr Lubna has been met with mixed reactions. While her supporters are delighted to see her stand up for the people of Hyderabad, some have questioned her decision to contest on a relatively lesser-known party’s ticket.

However, it is important to understand that Dr Lubna’s priority lies in working towards the welfare of the people and not in gaining political power.Her work as an environmental activist has been commendable. She has been at the forefront of many important movements and has successfully raised awareness about crucial issues such as pollution, water conservation, and sustainable development. Her efforts have not only benefited the city of Hyderabad but have also inspired many individuals to take action towards protecting the environment.

Dr Lubna’s decision to contest in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections is a clear indication of her determination to bring about a positive change in society. Her campaign is focused on addressing issues that are often neglected by mainstream political parties.

This includes the protection of lakes, preservation of natural resources, and ensuring equal opportunities for all sections of society.In a time where environmental degradation is a pressing concern, having someone like Dr Lubna Sarwath in the Lok Sabha can bring about much-needed change. Her expertise and experience in this field can prove to be extremely valuable in shaping policies and decisions related to the environment.In conclusion, Dr Lubna Sarwath’s nomination as a candidate for the Hyderabad Lok Sabha segment has sparked hope and optimism among many citizens. Her commitment towards serving the people and her track record as an activist make her a strong contender in this election.

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