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Europe’s first underwater restaurant started in Norway, 1st day Booking crosses 7,000

Europe’s first underwater restaurant has been started in Norway. In this restaurant made in Bailey, 100 people can sit and dinner together. On the opening day of the restaurant, almost 7,000 people booked a table for dinner.

This restaurant called Maruka has also been arranged for 40 people to stay. Its length is 40 meters, with the rear part located in the depth of 5 meters from sea level.

The walls of this restaurant are made of glass. The people coming here can see sea creatures. Let us know that in some countries of the world there are restaurants under water.

The hotel has a 4-night package of Rs 1.4 crore. is. Customers need to take a complete package to come here. Accordingly, one night’s rent is around Rs. 36 lakhs. However, a complete package of 4 days will be required to come here. According to some media reports, about $ 108 million has been spent in making this hotel.

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