Fight Wuhan virus with better immunity

One feels the COVID quarantine centers without the supply of immune boosters is like a kitchen without food. As per the findings so far, COVID-19 is fought only with our stronger “immune system” because as yet we have no appropriate treatment for the virus. Well, before we go to any battlefield, we must be well-armed up first to fight our enemies. Right now, our enemy is the Wuhan virus. We have no other weapons to kill the virus except for better immunity. So, merely keeping people in quarantine, who have been brought in on suspicion of being covid-positive will make no sense if we do not consider helping them to build their immunity. Moreover, having been locked up in the quarantine centers, that too “away” from the comfort of home, may make some feel awfully lonelier and depressed and consequently, they may further “lose” their immunity. The outer environment usually plays a major role in our anatomical system. Depression is inversely proportional to body immunity. Therefore, I urged upon the medical experts not to shut their eyes to this crucial factor as well.

Of course, there are various herbal preparations and alternative therapies that are most recommended to raise the immune system, particularly in helping to cure respiratory sickness. Crushed powder of turmeric, ashwagandha, ginger, holy basil, black pepper… mixed with honey can do wonder. I don’t think they are any expensive options. Inhalation of steam fortified with specific herbs has a highly “restorative” effect on the vulnerable lungs. Homeopathic medicine such as Arsenic Alb-30 is very much recommended to boost the resistance to the virus and it comes “extremely cheap” — 100 ML costing Rs 170 can be administered to a minimum among 5 thousand people. Here we cannot ignore the power of Yoga either. It can effectively enhance one’s immune system. I wonder why the government is not taking into account all such helpful and easy therapies. Even in the west the alternative treatments are gaining more popularity and are preferred options than the treatment by the allopathy medicine which are fraught with a lot of side effects. The civilized countries are stretching out their limbs with rhythmic breaths based on yogic aphorisms expounded by the ancient sages of India. The principal objective of yoga is to “ward off diseases” and diseased thoughts. No wonder, many medical doctors, who truly choose to keep a distance from the side-effects of the allopathic, appreciate and opt for the herbal remedies and yoga.

Well, God has never stuffed his natural herbal products with the sap that hurts our biology. While the man-made chemical tablets and capsules may heal one part of a sick organ but slowly damage other vital organs. Very ironically, a great German physician and researcher Samuel Hahnemann, who coined the term Allopathy, had detested allopathy, favoring the Homeopathic or natural remedies. He always insisted on increasing immunity.

Hence, I earnestly feel, if the government can spend thousands/lakh of rupees per person at the quarantine and the COVID treatment centers, why not a few hundred more and provide all who test positive or negative with the herbal immune boosters and introduce the natural therapies as well. As they harp on wearing the mask, they should also harp on the importance of immune-boosting therapies. Come what may, we can’t afford to leave anything to chance at this juncture. Wuhan virus can easily catch us “unarmed” when the LAC is so porous, excuse the pun. So, let’s build up the “robust WALL” of immunity all along!

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