NUJ’s protest march to the Prime Minister’s Office against the killing and harassment of journalists

The National Union of Journalists-India and Delhi Journalists Association, affiliated to the International Federation of Journalists, took out a march from the Press Club to the Prime Minister’s Office against the murder of journalist Vikram Joshi in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, and journalist Sunil Tiwari in Niwari in Madhya Pradesh and memorandum to the Prime Minister’s Office Assigned.Organizations sought to address the problems of harassment of journalists, forced layoffs, pay cuts and small and medium newspapers, along with the formation of Journalist Protection Act, Media Council and Media Commission.

The march started with the release of the press led by NUJ-I President Ras Bihari, before the police stopped the Prime Minister’s Office.

The protest march was addressed by NUJ President Ras Bihari, Delhi Journalists Association President Rakesh Thapliyal General Secretary KP Malik, Treasurer Naresh Gupta, Member of Press Council of India Anand Rana, Former Treasurer of NUJ Seema Kiran.On this occasion, Ashok Kinker, Ranveer Singh, Kumar Pankaj, Sujan Singh, Subhash Chandra, Subhash Barolia, Bansi Lal, Gyanendra, Usha Pahwa, Deepti Angarish, Anjali Bhatia, Ashok Bhartwal, Rajesh Bhasin, Gopinath Shama, Sanjay Gupta, Manoj Dixit, Dozens of journalists were involved, including Naferam, Praveer Dutta, Amit Kumar, Subhash Chandra, Manmohan, Omprakash.

During the protest, the leaders of the organization said that Vikram Joshi and Tiwari were murdered despite seeking protection from the police. Tiwari, a journalist from Madhya Pradesh, pleaded for his security two months ago. Earlier in Kanpur, journalist Shubham Tripathi was killed for exposing the sand mafia.

NUJ President Rasbihari said that there is a need to create a Journalist Protection Act and a National Journalist Register to prevent the increasing attacks on journalists, fake prosecutions and the growing crowd of fake journalists. There is a need to create a media council to increase the strength of the press council and to bring the electronic media into the fold.

DJA president Rakesh Thapliyal said that central and state governments should take effective steps immediately to prevent attacks on journalists.

DJA General Secretary KP Malik said that the killing of journalists has led to a poor law and order situation.

Senior NUJ leader Seema Kiran said that complaints of abusive behavior with women journalists are increasing even during coverage in many places. The government needs to give this direction.

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