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Fix ‘single window system’ in Karnataka first:Kumaraswamy slams Modi

Former Karnataka Minister HD Kumaraswamy hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his ‘single window system’ promise that the latter made during a rally in West Bengal . Addressing a rally in Kharagpur, Narendra Modi attacked West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, claiming that her lawmaker nephew Abhishek was the sole “single window” within the industry scarce state, without crossing which no work gets done.

Responding to the Prime Minister’s remark, Kumaraswamy asked him to seem at BJP-ruled Karnataka first, alleging that an equivalent thing happens within the state and asked whether the Prime Minister will note of an equivalent . The JD(S) second-in-command asked Narendra Modi to first end the BJP government’s ”single window system” in Karnataka which he said is “swallowing the tax money of individuals and funds reserved for development.”

“Will Modi mention the only window system of a self declared great leader within the government ruled by the BJP?” he asked in another tweet.

Kumaraswamy went on to state that Modi’s act of criticising Mamata Banerjee when there’s a single-window system within the Karnataka government, which he said is “intentionally being nurtured,” is like “cheating the conscience.”

“Let Modi first end the BJP government’s ‘single window system’ in Karnataka which is swallowing the tax money of individuals and funds reserved for development,” Kumaraswamy added.

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