Kangana warns Bollywood couple, says- “Reform or else I will kill you by entering the house”

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is known for her outspoken and controversial statements. Meanwhile, the actress is once again in discussions. Actually, Kangana feels that she is being spied on and her WhatsApp data is being leaked. She didn’t name anyone, but Reddit users were convinced that Kangana was talking about Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt.

On Monday, Kangana Ranaut wrote on her Instagram stories, “To all those who were worried about me, there has been no suspicious activity around me since last night, no one is following me either with a camera or Without camera Look, the ghosts who believe with kicks, they only believe with kicks.

The actress further wrote, “This message is for the Changu Mangu gang – children, you have not been brought up by any villager, improve yourself or else I will enter the house and kill those who think I am mad, you know that I am I am mad but do not know how big I am.

In her next story, Kangana said, “She wore the same saree for her wedding, which I wore earlier for my brother’s wedding reception. I know since years, he is working with that couple. My own financiers and business partners refuse to do deals at the last moment without any reason. I feel like they want to give me mental stress. They both live separately in the same building. I suggest that he should say no to this arrangement and keep an eye on him. If he puts himself in trouble, he will put the child in trouble as well. My Suggest he should take responsibility of his life and confirm that he is not doing anything wrong.Love you dear girl and your newborn baby too.

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