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Political party created by a film star to seek revenge on Rajiv Gandhi, heavy majority in one year

You have heard a lot about the political parties in the movies, but an actor made political party to take revenge on Rajiv Gandhi. The next year when the party came in the election, it won with a huge majority. Today, it is the main political party of the state. yes we are talking about the Telugu Desam Party (TDP), which was founded by an actor to get revenge on Rajiv Gandhi, not for the betterment of society or for the welfare of the people.

It was believed that after the death of Sanjay Gandhi in 1982, Rajiv Gandhi was given the charge of Congress. As Congress President Rajiv Gandhi came to Andhra Pradesh from some work His plane was to land in Begumpet, Hyderabad. As soon as the Congressmen got to know about this, all of them went to Begumpet to see them. To receive Rajiv Gandhi, he himself went to Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister T. Anjaiah, but Rajeev went to Sakpa to see the crowd.

T. Anjaiah did not even know that Rajiv Gandhi could have trouble with the present workers, so he did not even arrange for the removal of the crowd. Seeing Rajiv’s anger increased and he screamed at Anjaiya. They said to the prankster. This public insult of Anjaiah sticks to Telugu superstar NT Rama Rao. It was considered an assault on Telugu Asmita.

A few days after the incident Indira told Anjaiah to resign. The day Anjaiah resigned. Despite her support of her thirty thousand people in support of her a day earlier, Anjaiah resigned, despite her resignation. Instead Bhavanam Venkatarami Reddy was made the new Chief Minister of Andhra. This year NT Rama Rao established the Telugu Desam Party (TDP). The next year itself TDP went to the polls.

The insult of Anjaiah was made an electoral issue by Rajiv. TDP got huge majority. The party formed in a year won 201 seats out of 294 Assembly seats. TDP is a major political party in the Andhra Pradesh state. In the time of Telugu film actor NT Rama Rao, the party grew, Chandrababu Naidu later took it to new heights.

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