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Congress loyalist to fight for Amethi against Rahul

Haji Mohammed Haroon Rashid, who was loyal to Congress for generations, surprised the party leadership on Monday when he announced that he will fight against Rahul Gandhi from Amethi. When Rajiv and Sonia Gandhi filed nomination from this Lok Sabha seat, their father was one of the Proponents.

Haji Harun told the reason for his disillusionment with the Congress that lack of development and progress in Amethi. He said, “There is a huge presence in the Congress saying and doing it. No place other than Amethi can explain it better. Poverty in Amethi is its bitter truth and anyone can verify this fact by going to the village. I have decided to contest against them (Rahul Gandhi) so that things can be corrected. “

Aaron’s father Mohammed Sultan is a very old Congressman. He said, “My father, born in 1910, had joined the Congress at a very young age. We have supported the Congress for more than 70 years but now realized that the party does not want to develop Amethi. The time of 70 years is very long. If we do not wake up now, then we will never be able to change our destiny. ‘

When Aaron was asked which party he would contest on the ticket, he said that I am currently considering options. Although there are reports that he is supported by some leaders of the Samajwadi Party group.

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