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Political warfare has begun with these ‘great leaders’ about women

The objectionable statements made by Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan’s BJP leader and actress Jaya Prada have triggered a political stir. He is being condemned on every side. The matter has reached the Women Commission and the Election Commission. This is not the first time that in Indian politics, abusive statements have been given against women. The chain of statements is endless. Every time after the criticisms and notice, these statements are forgotten. After that, the same old cycle starts. The disputed statements on the women given to you are telling you.

Azam Khan
Without the name of Jaya Prada, Azam said in a public meeting- Will politics fall so much that 10 years, who drank the blood of Rampur, whom we had taken by finger and brought us in Rampur, did not charge us what to do. Will you vote for him? You took 17 years to understand the reality of the 10 years you represented, the fact that I got it in 17 days (Ajam has used very hateful language in front of it)

Azam Khan later clarified that my point has been presented incorrectly. He said that no one has been named in the statement, if he is proved guilty then elections will not fight. Azam Khan said that I have been MLA for nine times from Rampur, so I know what to say, if someone proves that I took a name and commented on it, then I will retreat from the election.

Sharad Yadav
One of the oldest and senior leaders in Indian politics has slipped many times about women who spoke about Sharad Yadav. Regarding former Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje, he had said, “Give Vasundhara comfort, get tired, become fat.” The first was thin. We are from Madhya Pradesh. Similarly, in 1997, Sharad Yadav had said in the Parliament on the Women’s Reservation Bill that the benefits would be only for women who are women.

20 years later in 2017, his statement was that the respect of votes is greater than the respect of your daughter. If daughter is respected then only the village and the village will be respected but if the vote is sold once, the respect of the country and the province will go away.

Naresh agarwal
Naresh Agrawal, SP MP and actor Jaya Bachchan, had made unwarranted comment. When Jaya Bachchan was re-nominated in the Rajya Sabha by the Samajwadi party in 2018, Naresh Agrawal called Jaya Bachchan ‘dancing in films’. At the time Agarwal gave this statement, his term was ending. Samajwadi Party again made Jaya Bachchan a Rajya Sabha candidate.

Sanjay Nirupam
During a TV debate on the outcome of the Gujarat elections in 2012, Sanjay Nirupam gave similar statement on Smriti Irani. He said, “Until yesterday you were thummeking for money and today you are teaching politics. Upon criticism, Sanjay Nirupam cleared that people do not see just one comment and understand the context, then see the whole program.

 Mulayam Singh Yadav
There is a long list of disputed statements on women and there is also a name of Mulayam Singh. They had given a statement on rape – boys make a mistake and for this they should not be sentenced to death.
Surendra Singh
Shortly before, BJP MLA Surendra Singh had said- Mayawati ji herself does fashial herself, who herself has facialized how can she fondle our leader? If someone wears clothes, then it is not a hobby to wear clothes.

Mahesh Sharma
Addressing a rally in Secunderabad, MP and Culture Minister Mahesh Sharma from Gautam Buddha Nagar was attacking the Congress. In the meantime, he said that if Mamta Banerjee came here and performed Kathak and singing the song of Karnataka, then who is listening? He did not stop here and said, “Pappu says that I will become a PM, now Pappu’s Pappi (Priyanka Gandhi) has come. To see them above, today our lion is Modi.”

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