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Tulsi Gabbard started his campaign for the US presidential position

Tulsi Gabbard, the first Hindu-American to reach the US Congress, started his official campaign to contest the presidential election on Saturday. Major in the US military and 37-year-old Tulsi, who remained in war for Iraq for 12 months, organized a program here in the 2020s to form a Democratic candidate in front of the current President Donald Trump as the Democratic Party candidate to formalize his claim Getting started.
Tulsi, who was elected MP by four votes from Hawaii with record votes, said that when we raise our right to serve as a volunteer, our personal interest becomes shore for the service of our country. He said that with the same spirit today I declare my candidacy for the United States Presidential election.

They said, the path ahead will not be easy. The difficulties will be hard, but I know that when we stand together for the love of our people and the people of our country, then there is no obstacle that we can not compete with. There is no such fight, which we can not win.
Tulsi Gabbard is not Hindus but not of Indian origin. In fact, she was born in a Catholic Christian family in Samoa, USA. But his mother was from the Caucasian community of Hawaii Island who believed in Hinduism. Tulsi has been a follower of Hindu religion since childhood. After becoming the first Hindu-American MP, Tulsi surprised everyone by taking oath in the name of Bhagwat Geeta.

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