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UP Election Live: First phase of polling

Polling for eight parliamentary seats in the first phase of the Lok Sabha elections in the state ranges from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. In Meerut Lok Sabha constituency, 63 percent voting was held. There was a lot of enthusiasm in the rural area, which saw nearly 70 percent voting in the Kithaur assembly segment. Voting in the Kent assembly was around 60 percent.

Polarization of votes was clearly visible. In the favor of the BSP candidate where the Muslim-Scheduled caste votes were united, the rest of Hindus would appear united in favor of the BJP candidate. In a face-to-face collision, the fight has been fork. Although the Congress seems to have bitten the BJP and the Alliances votes in some places, In the Lok Sabha elections 2014, the turnout percentage was 63.11, whereas in 2009 only 48.23 percent of the turnout was made.

Voting started at 7.00 am in Muzaffarnagar Parliamentary area. 63.69 percent of the voting was done till 6 pm. Voting started for delay of about 20-25 minutes due to not running EVM at 34 locations in the district. EVMs were changed at these places. BJP activists thundered after the anti-India slogans of a young man in Nangla Rai of Charathawal. There was a clash between police and BJP workers for not taking action in this case.

At Khatauli assembly constituency, there is a high voter turnout in most of the city assembly constituencies. There is a conflict between the BJP and the Alliances . After casting votes at Ratanpuri village, Tonda, at 4 pm, after two hours, the police rushed to the spot and injured two youths. There was a furor over the false vote in Suzuka. BJP candidate Dr. Sanjeev Bialan, who arrived at the notice, accused the voting staff of voting for votes without seeing face and ID and voted against the Election Commission.

Polling was peaceful on Karaa Lok Sabha seat except on Thursday. Total turnout was 62.10 percent till 6 pm .

Angry mob entered the polling booth in order to control the situation, BSF hurled the crowd by firing several rounds of air. Later, the District Collector Akhilesh Singh and Superintendent of Police Ajay Kumar reached the spot with heavy police and PAC force and informed about the incident.

According to the Election Officer, voting was stopped for nearly two hours. Earlier, in the morning, some places in the Kandhala and Thanabhan areas also made people angry when the voting machine was destroyed.

Five Assembly seats in Saharanpur Lok Sabha constituency and two assembly seats of Karana Lok Sabha were voted on Thursday. Due to the delay in starting EVM in the morning, the speed of voting was slow. After this the voting caught the speed. 70.68 percent voting was done till 6 pm. This time the percentage of voting percentage is less than the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, because in the 2014 election, Saharanpur district’s poll was 74.97 percent. Apart from cutting the name from the voter list and trying for fake voting during the voting, there were also a lot of controversy in many places.

In the matter of not investigating the Burqa women’s ID for voting in BJP’s candidate Sanjeev Ballyan’s in Muzaffarnagar, additional Chief Election Officer BR Tiwari said that no such incident has occurred in his cognizance. Sanjeev Ballyan had said that women coming to vote in the burqa are not being verified and fake voting is being done. BR Tiwari said that if any woman is in the veil then there are female officers who allow them to vote only after their verification.

On one hand, the people of one party took a few minutes from the polling booths on agents to file a false vote at the polling booth of Ratanpuri village in Muzaffarnagar. Two agents injured in head injuries. Inspector Ratanpuri Kamal Singh Chauhan, heavy police force reached the spot. Agitant Anuj son Rampal and Dharmaveer son Shyam Singh resident Tanda were injured in stone pelting. Police detained two attackers from the spot.

Bhavnpur police station witnessed polled 48 percent. In the Machhara and Munali areas, 57% of the voting took place till four o’clock. In some areas of Kithor,about 55 and 62% of the voting took place till 4 o’clock.

Despite strong sunshine, the voters of the district showed enthusiasm. In Baghpat, 63.90 percent of the votes were cast till 6 pm. The EVM malfunction caused the problem. Voting started in one place for several hours. In Jain Inter College due to the EVM scarcity, voters made a ruckus in Baghpat Kotwali. After this the machine got corrected. The villagers charged the presiding officer for voting in BJP’s favor in the field of Ballyan’s area.

Bijnor Lok Sabha seat was recorded at 65.40 percent till 6 pm. A long line was not seen at the centers for voting. Even after this, the percentage of voters continued to increase in the voters’ day. In the last Lok Sabha elections, 67.88 percent voting was registered in Bijnor Lok Sabha seat. This time, speculations are being taken to reduce the percentage of voting against the previous election. At the time of voting in the morning, there were complaints from EVMs that some EVMs were damaged, which were replaced.

EVM machine damaged at booth number 67 of Baghpat’s Adhars e nagar. Delayed in polling due to EVM machine fault.

In Muzaffarnagar district, due to the bad weather in the morning, polling started at several places late.
In Everest in St. Joseph, 60.26 EVMs were damaged. ARO Kamlesh Goyal said that EVMs and VVPATs were changed to several booths in Meerut South region. Voting started at Booth No. 106 at Kunkarkheda Sanatan Dharam Inter College, an hour late. VVPT has been replaced on six booths of Meerut South. Saharanpur BJP candidate Raghav Lakhan Pal also cast vote.

There was a fury on the information of false voting on booth number 225 of Sujadu village of Muzaffarnagar city Kotwali area. MP Sanjeev Ballyan, on the occasion, reached the spot and asked the officer to look at the faces of the women, people started making a ruckus. Later, DM SSP and ADM and other officials reached the spot to calm down the matter.

There are Stampede in two booths 87 and 88 at Bijnor’s BSA polling station . Poll affected by this. 13.45 percent voting till 9 pm in Bijnor. Lok Sabha 14.62 in Bijnor assembly and 12.33 percent voting in Chandpur. In Rehara village, Booth no. On 14th, the voting machine stopped 20 minutes after the machine was damaged. Polling in Kalagad is slow. 11% voting was held till 9 pm EVM at booth 82 and 83 was stopped.

BJP candidate Satyapal Singh from Baghpat voted and 13.45 percent voting till 9 pm on Bijnor Lok Sabha 14.62 in Bijnor assembly and 12.33 percent voting in Chandpur.

Due to the absence of a slip voter going to vote, voters disappointed. There is a lot of anger on several booths of Pallavapuram in Meerut as no name in the list.

Muslim women in Shamli, Muzaffarnagar and Saharanpur have reached a large number of voting centers. Khap Chaudhary Baba Harikishan Malik, who had a clan in village Lisad, came to cast his vote.

No voter has voted in the village of Yogendra Nagar of Bhopa Thana, from seven to ten o’clock, villagers demanded the bridge over the Sonali river. Villagers started voting after the assurance of the authorities. In Muzaffarnagar, 27 percent voting was held till 11 o’clock. Saharanpur district got 26 percent voting.

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