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Lok Sabha Elections 2019: In the first phase, total polling of 69.43%, highest voting in West Bengal

In the first phase of the Lok Sabha elections, on Thursday, for the 91 seats of 18 states and two Union Territories, a total of 69.43% of the votes were cast. The highest number of voters in the state is 83.79%. Two seats in Bengal, while the lowest was 53.47% in Bihar’s four seats. While in the Union Territory of Lakshadweep, 84.96% of the voting took place. According to the Election Commission, changes in the data are possible. Despite the claims of a hi-tech system, the questions are not raised in the 24 hours due to lack of full data. In all the nine phases in the 2014 elections, the total polling was 66.44%.

Union Minister Smriti Irani, while replying to the Congress, said that I am fighting Amethi, therefore I am being targeted. There is no such attack in five years that the Congress’s ‘Chelle Chapatos’ did not do it on me. He said, “Being a woman is not such a harassment that Congress leaders did not have with me. As much as you humiliate me, I will work against the Congress in Amethi, as much as I would be harassed.

Lakshadweep and Bengal forward in the first phase of polling

Andhra Pradesh has 78.14%, Arunachal Pradesh 67.08, Assam 78.23, Bihar 53.47, Chhattisgarh 65.80, Jammu-Kashmir 57.35, Maharashtra 63.04, Manipur 82.82, Meghalaya 71.41, Mizoram 63.02, Nagaland 83.12, Odisha 73.76, Sikkim 78.19, Telangana 62.69, Tripura 83.26 , Uttarakhand 59.89, p. Bengal 83.79, Andaman Nicobar 64.85 and Lakshadweep 84.96% were voted.

Andhra: Voting till midnight

Voting was done for Andhra’s 25 Loks and 175 Visas. Over 200 centers continued to run till midnight on Thursday.
For Assembly, 78.14% in Andhra, 73.76% in Odisha, 78.19% in Sikkim and 67.08% in Arunachal Pradesh.

Two percent less voting in UP

Lucknow. In the first round of the Lok Sabha elections, eight seats were recorded 1.88% less than the 2014 election. Then these seats were 65.76%, while in 2019 it was 63.88%. In Meerut only 1.03% and in Ghaziabad .09% more voting was done. This time women showed less interest than men. Except Bijnor, the percentage of women in seven seats is less than that of men. Men 64.42% and 63.25% of the women voted.

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