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11,000 new Poll booths set up in MP

Madhya Pradesh : The committee has came upon over 11,000 new polling booths in MP, the most among the 5 states having polls.
CEO V L Kantha Rao conjointly said the state has witnessed quite double the seizure of suspect money, medicine and alternative outlaw inducements accustomed lure voters, as compared to the last polls of 2013.
“I will assure you that with this increase within the range of polling booths, no elector in Madhya Pradesh can got to travel quite a pair of kms to vote,” Rao said.
The number of polling booths has redoubled by fourteen per cent in Rajasthan, by eleven per cent in Telangana and three per cent in Mizoram — the opposite three states were option can crop up in coming back days. In Chhattisgarh, wherever option happened in 2 phases on November twelve and November twenty, the amount of kiosk rose by ten per cent this point.
Counting of votes for all 5 state assemblies would crop up on December eleven. whereas Madhya Pradesh and Mizoram can vote on November twenty eight, Rajasthan and Telangana area unit regular for polling on December seven.
MP is going to vote for its 230-member assembly on November 28th in a very single part and also the seizure figures might rise any within the next few days.
The seizures created by the EC-appointed police work groups this point embody over Rs. 28.25 crore suspect money, quite Rs.8.89 crore price of gold and jewelry, over 5.22 100000 litres of liquor price Rs 12.39 crore and over 63-kgs of medicine price Rs. 5.49 crore, the chief executive officer same.
The poll campaign can endways November twenty six within the state that has five.05 large integer registered voters, out of associate calculable population of 7.5 crore individuals.

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