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Scientific survey of the Archaeological Survey of India team for the 7th consecutive day in Gyanvapi

Varanasi, 10 August: The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) team reached the Gyanvapi campus on Thursday at eight o’clock in the morning. For the seventh consecutive day, the team has started survey work on the entire Gyanvapi campus. In the survey, 3D mapping is being done along with photography and videography of every part of the campus. To generate 3D images, the team has installed the Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) at various places on complex..

Before this, on the sixth day, it is believed that the team got 3D mapping of the walls and surface of the cellars done. Along with this, the debris lying near the western wall and the cellars was also recorded. The survey team examined the stones used in Gyanvapi, along with the two high towers and the staircase built on the east side of Gyanvapi. Videography of the figures emerged on the stones.

The team of 42 experts included in the survey was divided into four teams and started the investigation of the first identified places. A group of 10 members entered Vyas Ji’s room in the southern basement. The 10-member party entered the northern basement. The special thing is that the IIT Kanpur team is also going to come for a ground penetrative radar (GPR) survey on the Gyanvapi campus.

On the other hand, the administrative and police officials have given strict instructions to the plaintiff and the defendant in the Gyanvapi Shringargauri case not to make any statements regarding the ASI survey of the Gyanvapi complex. The administration has instructed both parties to keep their distance from the ASI team during the survey. Its effect was visible, and the advocates of the plaintiff side who accompanied the survey team remained silent. In view of the Gyanvapi survey, Additional Commissioner of Police, Law, and Order, Dr. S. Channappa, and other officers are placing a lot of emphasis on foot patrolling in the area.

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