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Armpit Onigiri: The Wacky New Food Trend Sweeping Japan!

A bizarre food trend has been making waves in Japan, captivating the internet with its unconventional approach to preparing Onigiri, or rice balls.

This trend involves using the armpits to knead and mould the iconic snacks, instead of the traditional hand-shaping technique. It has gained popularity on social media platforms and has brought a fresh twist to Japanese food culture. According to a report by the South China Morning Post, strict measures are taken to ensure hygiene and safety in the process. The chefs disinfect all ingredients and body parts before using their armpits to shape the rice balls, after inducing sweating through physical activity. Surprisingly, these armpit-crafted delicacies are highly sought-after and can fetch prices ten times higher than regular Onigiri in some restaurants.

This unconventional trend has definitely caught the attention of food enthusiasts worldwide, making it a viral and trending phenomenon in the world of Japanese cuisine.

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