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‘Art Has No Religion’: A Muslim Man engineered The World’s Tallest Bamboo “DURGA Idol” In Assam

“Ma Durga” is already formally arrived and folks going out for pandal hopping and gorging on sweets.
Keeping with the ism attribute of Bengal and also the laic diversion of Durga Puja, a 59-year-old Muslim creative person created the world’s tallest sculpture of Ma Durga in Bishnupur,Assam.
The one hundred and one feet idol is formed of bamboo and Nuruddin Ahmed, the artist, hopes to urge recognized by the Guinness book of world records.
When asked about a Muslim man makes Hindu deity statutes ,Mr.Ahmed replies that he hails from Assam that could be a religiously tolerant place and a perfect example of communal harmony.
He further says “I don’t have any issue over creating idols, sculptures, and pictures of Hindu gods and goddesses.
In fact, I actually have been creating them since 1975, once I created my initial Hindu deity idol with clay, bamboo, and straw in North Lakhimpur, for the native puja committee there.
The statute is intended within the ancient Assamese vogue. The idol is 101ft and over 5000 bamboos are used by him in creating the statute.
Ahmed includes a team of forty artists belongs to each the foremost non secular communities, and he has been creating Hindu deity idols for over forty years currently.

Apart from being a sculptor, Mr.Ahmed is a theatre actor and triumph Assamese director.He has worked in concerning one hundred Assamese language movies.

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