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Assam CM Summoned to Court in Defamation Case: Next Hearing on Nov 18

by, RD Khan

Rudrapur, 17 October: The court of Udham Singh Nagar District and Sessions Judge has issued summons to Assam Chief Minister Himanta Vishwa Sarma in a case of indecent remarks against former Congress National President Rahul Gandhi. The hearing is scheduled for the 18th of November.

This incident has been the subject of much debate in the political circles in India. On February 11th, 2022, Assam CM Himanta addressed a public meeting while campaigning in favor of BJP candidate Rajesh Shukla at Indra Gandhi Maidan in Kichha. During his speech, Himanta allegedly uttered malicious and defamatory words against Congress leader and MP Rahul Gandhi.This has led to much uproar among the political circles as the statement made by Himanta was considered inappropriate or offensive by many. The statement not only hurt the sentiments of the people but also raised questions about the decorum of the government and its leaders.

The matter was taken up by a local lawyer, Upadhyay, who filed a complaint in the court against Assam Chief Minister Himta Vishwas Sarma.The court heard the case and issued summons to Chief Minister Assam Hemant Vishwasarma to appear before it on October 17, 2023. Himanta’s team of lawyers reached the court under the leadership of Rajiv Nayan and the date for hearing was fixed for November 18.This has certainly stirred up controversy among the political circles and will be closely watched by all as this case could have far-reaching implications on the government as well as its leaders. The case could set an important legal precedent for how leaders conduct themselves in public discourse. It could also be a test of how free speech is treated under the Indian law system. If found guilty, Himanta may have to face serious consequences which could include a fine or even imprisonment.

The Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC) has already demanded action against Himanta in this matter and has stated that they will fight for justice in this case. Whatever may be the outcome of this case, it is certain that this hearing will be closely watched by all as it could set a precedent for future cases of defamation against public figures. As such, it is very important that everybody abides by the rule of law and stands up for justice in this case.

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