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BJP celebrates major victory in PM office

After the elections held in seven phases, trends coming from Thursday morning pointed to a clear majority for the BJP and the NDA government once again in the center. After trends, there was an atmosphere of victory that PM Modi came to meet the foreign congratulations. Amid the enthusiasm of BJP workers and supporters across the country, there is an atmosphere of celebration outside the BJP office in Delhi. Between the greatest reception, BJP President Amit Shah reached BJP office in saffron color. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also reached the BJP headquarter. Here Amit Shah welcomed PM Modi.

Today, Meghraj himself is also among us to be part of this Vijay-Festival. In the elections of the 2019 Lok Sabha we went to all the citizens to take a mandate for a new India. Today we are seeing that the citizens of the country have filled up the fate of this fakir.

This is the figure of voting. This is the biggest event in the history of the democratic world itself.

When the war of Mahabharata ended, Sri Krishna was asked, “Whose favor were you in, I believe that in the 2019 election, the 130 crore citizens of India have responded in the form of Shri Krishna.”
They had replied that I was not in favor of anyone. He said that I was in favor of Hastinapur.

-The general citizen’s sense of the country is a guarantee of India’s bright future. In this election I was saying from the very first day that no party is contesting elections, no candidate, leader is fighting, these elections are fighting the people of the country.

Today, my sense of humor has been revealed by Janardhana, so if someone is victorious, then Hindustan has won, democracy has won, the people have won.

I congratulate all those victories in this Lok Sabha election, I congratulate everyone with the belief that all the winning candidates who belong to any party will serve the nation for the bright future of the country.
I express my sympathy towards the people of the people who have sacrificed their lives for the sake of democracy in the celebration of this democracy.
-We promise every possible collaboration to the governments that are formed in the state assembly elections.

-In this party, there are such kindred people, only one worker, only one house, Bharat mata’s jai..and nothing. Worked selflessly. Work on enhancing the glory of democracy.

BJP President Amit Shah’s Address
After the results Amit Shah said in a Press Conference that

-Thanks for millions of workers and 125 crore people for immense faith on the leadership of PM Modi.
In the country under the leadership of Shri Narendra Modi, the most historic victory after independence has been received by the BJP. This is a matter of pride for all of us.
In many ways, this victory is a historic win, for the first time in 50 years, the Prime Minister, who has ruled with the absolute majority for the first time, has come.
I told the workers of the country that be ready to fight for 50 years. The public has blessed the BJP in 17 territories of the country.
The hard work that culminated in such a long election campaign was the basis of our victory.
This is the victory of the people of this country. This is the triumph of hard work of 11 crore BJP workers of BJP.
This victory is the victory of the policy of the Modi government of BJP, which worked with all the development-related policies of 2014-2019, it is the victory of that policy.
In many cases, this victory is historic. For the first time since 50 years, the prime minister, who is ruled by a full majority in the country, is going to become the Prime Minister again with a full majority. This honor has got the popular leader of each of us, BJP’s popular leader Narendra Modi.
-Apart from the SP-BSP in Uttar Pradesh, the media of the entire country had said that what will happen in Uttar Pradesh? This tremendous victory shows that there will be no significance of the family parties in the coming days.
On one side, the people have won the BJP under the leadership of Modi ji. On the other hand, the Congress has to face defeat. Congress has got big zero in 17 states of the country.
I told the workers of the country that we are in the fray for fighting 50 percent of the battle. Today I can say with pride that in 17 states of the country, the public has given blessings to the BJP over 50 percent of the votes.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also reached the BJP headquarter. Here Amit Shah welcomed PM Modi. PM Modi was welcomed by wearing a garland. Prime Minister Modi and BJP President Amit Shah reached the stage. He wore a wreath on the statue of Shyama Prasad Mukherjee and Deendayal Upadhyay. Home Minister Rajnath Singh and Union Minister JP Nadda are also present on the stage in BJP headquarters.

There was immense enthusiasm in BJP workers. The workers kept Modi’s slogans sloganeering. In the background, the statement of PM Modi was also going on between the song of Bahubali in the movie- Now times, 300 crossed. Between PM Modi and Amit Shah, flowering took place during the celebration of victory. Meanwhile, Home Minister Rajnath Singh also reached and greeted the workers. Earlier, PM Modi accepted the greeting of Victorian sign.

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