Celebrate the True Essence of Bengal with a Delightful Feast in Mercure

A Bengali Food Festival continues through October 5, 2022, at Cayenne, a multi-cuisine restaurant at the Mercure Hyderabad KCP, to offer guests a delicious treat. It’s beautiful to experience the specially designed food festival while eating traditional Bengali fare.

The menu was expertly created by Master Chef “Ganesh” to highlight the cuisine of this area and provide a delectable dining experience. Not only are the local specialities at the Mercure Hyderabad KCP renowned, but also the hotel’s creativity. The mystic recipes would be revealed by Master Chef Ganesh and his colleagues, who have extensive experience in both regional and worldwide cuisine.

A tempting selection of delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods is available on the menu. Vegetarians

, they include appetizers such as Mocher Chaps (Banana Flower Cutlet), Piyaji, Posto Wada, and Baiguni. At the same time, non-vegetarians can choose from Macher CHOP, Chicken Pakoda, Chicken Cutlet, Dimer Devil, and Chingri Chop. The menu will also include a variety of salads, including Aloo Kabli, Kala Chana Baja, Lebu Maach, Dim Dhone Pata, and Tandoori Murg Chaat.

The Main courses include Kosha Mangsho (Mutton), Rul Macher Thaliya, Kolkatta Chicken Biryani, Golbari Mutton Kosha, Papda Fish Curry, Chicken Maharani, Chicken Kosha, Aloo Diya Macher Jhol, Chingri Paulo, All de Murghi de Jhol, Papda Macher Jal, Mutton Dak Bungalow, Bengali Chicken Biryani, Macher Kaliyon, Chicken Gol Morij for non-vegetarians and Ghee Bhat, Aloo Posto, Subzi Diya Mogar Dal, Radha Balavi, Basundhi PUlao, Aloo Dum, Massor Dal, Greenpeace Kachori, Veg Pulao, Jhinga Aloo, Cholar Dal, Dal Poori, Chachra Curry, Misti Pulao, Kacha Kalal Dal, Luchi Gugni, Sukko, Aloo Bhaja, Mixed Vegetable and Sweet PUlao, Mung Dal Kachori for vegetarians are part of the menu planned for the festival.

Special sweets like Raj Bhog, Sondesh, Kacha Gulla, Payesh, Goja, Rasagulla, Ras Malai, Lord Cham Cham, Mihidana, Chana Payesh, Baked Rasagulla, Pantuva, Darbesh, Angoori Rasmalai, Misthi Doi, etc. mark the conclusion of your culinary journey. Fresh fruit and delights from the local cuisine are served at a separate live counter.

Customers are sure to enjoy the cuisine festival’s originality. The cost of the buffet is Rs. 1599 per person, plus taxes. Additionally, the restaurant has been appropriately decorated, creating a luminous atmosphere for your evenings. The Cayenne – A Multi Cuisine Restaurant at Mercure Hyderabad KCP hosts a number of culinary festivals as part of its ongoing endeavour to offer varied cuisines to Hyderabad residents.