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“The Heart, Sahriday Group” urges people to walk for a healthier heart on World Heart Day

As part of today’s World Heart Day celebrations, The Heart, Sahriday Group, a prominent nonprofit in the state, organized a health awareness procession in Guwahati.

The North Eastern Branch of the Cardiological Society of India, Dispur Hospital, and Green Classes, Guwahati, was responsible for organizing the event.

The current stressful lifestyle and imbalance of nature are two factors contributing to the rise in heart disease in India.

According to a statement from Dr. Chandan Modak, President of Sahriday Group and cardiologist, and Navajyoti Pathak, information secretary. Assam World Heart Day is observed on September 29 every year to raise awareness about health issues.

Signs with catchy phrases like “Step by step, blossom into a unique life,” “Walk to develop a beautiful civilized lifestyle,” “Conserve beautiful nature,” and “Step is capital, health

h is the ultimate wealth” could be seen throughout the city of Dispur today. There are numerous factors to consider before making this purchase. These are the explanations as to why you ought not purchase these goods.

While “The Heart, Sahriday Group ,” led by Dr. Chandan Modak, President of the city, held a free medical camp in Sonkuchi today, Dr. Ami Kumar Sharma, President, North Eastern Branch of the Cardiological Society, Dr. Banjit Chowdhury, Dr. SN Goswami, and several other notable doctors also attended the rally.

The camp was put together in cooperation with Sonali Sangha and a group of 11 medical professionals from the Guwahati Medical College Hospital’s Junior Doctors Association. 257 people of various ages participated in the camp and had their health statuses checked. The camp included free ECG, blood pressure, blood sugar, and medical tests.

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