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Domestic violence(DV): You are not the only one

You are wondering why have I chosen this kind of a headline?
This is to tell you – the silent victim who goes on accepting emotional and physical abuse— to speak out and speak up against this.
Many of you have contemplated cutting your wrists or swallowing a whole strip of sleeping pills or maybe a fancy new way ( seen on TV!) to end the ordeal that is your life at present.
My request to you is don’t do it!
I have been interacting with some severely abused women who have finally come out and spoken up against DV and are now free to live their lives.
In fact my friend D*** is happy that her in laws and husband have stopped harassing her ever since she spoke to the authorities. Just that!
And there is peace at home.
D had a dossier of complaints starting from the time she got married 20 years ago. I was amazed and shocked to go through it—- of the major complaints are of the bones she has had broken over the years. In fact her pelvic bone still hurts after nearly 5 years of being kicked around.
Anjana(name changed) finally walked out of 35 years of an abusive marriage when her husband bit her on the face and arm . Yes, you read that right! He bit her—- this animal behavior is what finally drove her to the Women’s Cell at the police station where an immediate FIR was lodged. Within two days the court decreed that she should be given her own space.
The house she lives in was divided , not allowing her husband any access to her portion . A few years later the court ordered her husband to vacate the premises as he continued to harass her in many mean ways. She also won ‘maintenance’ costs from her husband even though both her children sided with the father.
Rani’s (name changed) case was a very sad one as she was abused due to the greed of her in laws, who egged on her loving husband to get money from her father. After a prolonged romance of nearly eight years and blessings from both the Telegu and Bong parents , the marriage did not last even a year. She was going through hell when she was 6 months pregnant—she broke an arm and only extreme medical treatment saved her infant son.
Rani did not wait for another incident. With the help of her family’s support she filed an FIR and won the divorce. She is happy and free now , bringing up her son with the help of her mother and sisters. She has earned her place in the world of journalism.
I hope you, my reader, have understood where I am going with this—- if domestic violence is stifling you , come out and speak about it .D has been suffering mental and emotional abuse from her parents in law and physical abuse from her husband who has been bullied all his life by his parents.
I feel sorry for him because he has never gathered the courage to speak up to his father. He was not given his salary dues when he worked for his father, not even when he got married !So he had to take it out on his wife just because she never said anything either!
Thanks to this abuse , D has suppressed all her own personal interests and desires. “I loved music and won prizes in school and college for my singing. When I came here into this family , there was no space for music.”
Anjana has gone back to her first love –painting. She has earned kudos fr her work and is surrounded by friends who are battling similar situations in life.
Life is beautiful and you do not have to suppress your inner person just because one dumb p***** decides to vent his frustration on you!
Speak up!

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