Shear Negligence of Osmania General Hospital

Osmania General Hospital is more than 100 years old hospital. It was constructed by the Nizam to be one of the important flagships of the hospital in Hyderabad. Osmania hospital is the only hospital.
The Govt of Telangana has neglected the basic facilities provided for the patient. Daily more than 3000 patient comes to the hospital. At present, the hospital building is a dilapidated condition. Two years back portion of the hospital has already collapsed. The doctors have protested against working in this vigorous condition. Doctors protested in a Noble way by wearing a helmet and performing their duties. This being a state of affairs a government of Telangana has turned a deaf ear to the cry of the doctors and the general public especially the patient who come from different parts of Telangana.
Unfortunately, the state government is not concern providing the minimum of facilities to the hospital. The public representative cried hopes many of times, The media also highlighted on several occasions about the poor and pitiable condition of the hospital. The hospital has more than 21 departments and it’s more or less like speciality hospital. Its a network referral hospital and unfortunately today the condition of the hospital is the dilapidated state and got of Telangana failed to provide a minimum of facilities. Even though lots of media highlighted the poor condition of the hospital and nothing has happened to Osmania general hospital.
The Hyderabad AMIM-MP has never showed any interest to develop this hospital although he could have taken the lead considering the fact that he is very friendly terms with Chief Minister and with the ruling party..
R V Chandravadan,former principal secretary of Telangana government said that “ It is unfortunate that even the ruling party nor the friendly to the ruling party MIM -chief , Asaduddin Owaisi where the hospital comes under his constituency is also not bothered to highlight some of the essentials problems which the hospital is facing. The hospital’s staff and doctors have gone on strike several times in the past to draw the attention of the government. Infact in the year 2010, the chief Minister issues a GO allotting.”

The superintendent of the hospital informed that Government has issued a GO in the way back 2010 allocation 200cr for constructing new hospital premises in the lite of the dilapidated condition of the existing hospital building. But unfortunately, even after 9 years, no restoration work has taken place no the new building has come up.
It is learned that the existing building is a heritage building and as such, it may not be possible in way of the existing stipulation that the existing building cant is demolished. So the government is left with an alternative of taking up restoration work.
It is also learnt that the government is roping in Aga khan foundation to do the restoration work while the matter stands the public are in the severely agitated mood and they express their ire in several occasions with regard to the poor facility of the hospital.
Though doctors are giving their best service they are not able to manage the number of patients who are coming from different parts of Telangana to the Osmania hospital which once a number one referral hospital and now lies in a very neglected condition.
Former Union minister and BJP leader Bandaru Dattatreya, lambasted the state government especially the Chief Minister with regards to his approach towards Osmania hospital. He said it is very sorry to note the state of affairs, paten’s inconvenience and doctors around war path.

Mr. Dattatreya advised to the government to release necessary funds and take up the construction of new complex which chief Minister has promised. Mr. Dattatreya promised to superintendant and the other doctors that he will use his good offices if necessary with central government to get special funds for the development of the hospital.
Mr.Raja Singh, BJP MLA who was also present in the occasion slated the attitude of the Chief Minister and his failure especially when he announced and promised that he would construct twin towers in Osmania general hospital. He questions CM that why it’s not showing the same interest like irrigation project as the health sector is equally important.
Former Principal Secretary of Telangana govt, RV Chandravadhan, suggested that the government should accord priority to the health sector also. He also lamented that the government allocation to the health sector is pitiably very low and it should average of nothing less than 4% to 4.5% speacilly when a backward state like Chattisgarh, Jharkhand or Bihar are allocation more funds towards the development of health sector. It is the sad state of Affairs that in Telangana health sector has been neglected. So the chief Minister has been urged to take immediate actions in this regards.
Mr.Chandravadan also suggested that Hospital development society which is empowered to attain day to day affairs and needs, that existing budget of one crore is inadequate and suggested that it should increase to 10 crores rupees so that the superintendent need not wait for formal approval and can take up immediate action on any emergency to purchase drug and all.
It is reliably learnt that some of the doctor’s protesting in noble way to draw the attention of the ruling government. The young doctors who are working in Osmania hospital wanted to bring to the notice of the state of govt about the state of affairs. It is learned that after failed to get attention from the state ruling government ,they approached BJP leaders for help.
This being the State of Affairs the Bharatiya Janata Party has decided to highlight the status of the Osmania hospital and the problems that people are facing. A delegation of BJP led by Bandaru Dattarya, ex central Minister and R V Chandravadan, former principal secretary of Telangana government who recently joined BJP along with Mr Raja Singh MLA of that area and others BJP members visited the hospital today.

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