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Protests erupt over new transgender bill in Kolkata

Kolkata: Transgenders and LGBTQ activists took to the streets on Monday so as to protest against the Transgender Persons Protection of Rights Bill 2018 that has been passed within the Lok Sabha. tight their rights as a 3rd gender, the members of this community flocked to the streets to point out their disapproval towards the bill passed.

The protesters termed the bill ‘regressive’ and claimed that this is often not what they merit as a community. They additionally declared that the bill that has simply been passed, stands in contradiction to the judgement passes by the National Legal Services Authority (NALSA). The judgement passes by the NALSA identifies transgenders as a 3rd gender recognised their basic and civil rights.

Demanding the withdrawal of the bill, the protesters claimed that the Transgender Persons Protection of Rights Bill 2018 has been written and passed with none consultation with the community. They declared that the bill is regressive and is incapable of providing a respectful standing to the community within the society.

Owing to the constant protests against the bill, the community has been triple-crown in detaining the bill from being given within the Rajya Sabha. Continuous protests area unit being control all across the country to point out the disapproval of the community towards the bill.

From being asked to urge up from the ladies’ seats in buses to being compared to beggars, members of the transgender community narrated their plight in relation with the treatment allotted to them. They declared that they solely wish to be recognised as a gender and as a district of the society, not as ‘unwanted’ individuals.

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