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Priyanka Gandhi possible to be incharge of TS Congress

Hyderabad: So as to regain the lost standing of Congress in Telangana, there’s an inspiration to utilize the services of Ms. Priyanka Gandhi.
Sources said that AICC is exploring the chance of appointing Ms. Priyanka Gandhi, answerable of Telangana State additionally to giving her the responsibilities of jap UP.
After obtaining defeat at the hands of TRS in TS, Congress supreme headquarters is preparing to appoint a significant weight leader to shoulder responsibilities of Telangana. just in case Priyanka Gandhi accepts the responsibility of Telangana, its weak standing can be strong. Congress supreme headquarters feels that if no action is taken to boost the weak standing of Congress in Telangana, the results of Lok Sabha Polls can be unsatisfying for the party.
Party leadership isn’t happy with the functioning of AICC answerable of TS, Mr. RC Kantiah in whose place Congress fought Assembly elections recently.
It is rumored that a hundred and fifty Congressmen visited national capital to satisfy adult male. Rahul Gandhi so they might submit their proposals for the renovation of Congress party however adult male. Rahul Gandhi didn’t offer them a briefing.
AICC sources indicated that Congress supreme headquarters considers that the majority of the party leaders are indisciplined and lazy. It believes that with the appointment of Priyanka Gandhi as answerable of TS, Congress would get strength from the grassroots level.

It is additionally rumored that Ms. Priyanka Gandhi is being persuaded to just accept the responsibility of Congress party affairs in TS. the most saying of Congress is to forestall Modi Govt. from presumptuous power once more. Telangana Congress can announce the names of its candidates for parliamentary elections before commission problems notification.

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