October 25, 2021, 10:36 am
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Drainage woes in Jalpally’s Baba Nagar municipality shed light on the poor conditions

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This report is sent by Mr.Soofi Taj Abu-ul-uli (Jalpally)

This is a rough picture in Jalpally’s Baba Nagar municipality, which sheds light on the poor conditions in which the locals .

Residents point out that the problem has become permanent from long time, with local authorities in concerned municipality paying less attention to solving their problems.The whole area is covered with dirt and stinking sewage from the roads.

Mr.Soofi Taj , is one of the residents, who have been living here and dealing with it regularly and suffering due to drainage water. Sometimes sewage reaches the entrance to the house.

Residents allege that money was allocated to undertake works related to the drainage system and the construction of water pipelines in the area. But, despite the worsening situation. Residents shared that problems such as encountering daily health hazards and travelling on damaged roads are exacerbated by the water crisis.