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Finger in the Ice Cream: The Surprising Link to a Pune Worker’s Injury

The recent discovery of a human finger in a Yummo ice-cream delivered to a Mumbai doctor has been linked to an injured worker from a Pune-based contract manufacturer, according to police investigation. The worker had apparently sustained an injury to his middle finger while working at Fortune Dairy’s plant in Indapur, Pune, which manufactures ice-creams for Yummo.

The Malad police station in Mumbai has conducted medical and DNA tests on the worker, as well as forensic tests to confirm if the finger matches with the one found in the ice-cream delivered to Brendan Ferrao. Yummo Ice-Creams has stopped all third-party manufacturing at Fortune Dairy and recalled all stock from the market and warehouses. The police investigation revealed that the worker’s finger was severed in a factory accident and though he received treatment at a private hospital, no one noticed that the finger was missing until it was found in an ice-cream.

The particular batch of ice-cream was manufactured nearly a month before the incident and had travelled through various storage locations before reaching the customer’s home in an online order. As a result of this shocking incident, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has suspended Fortune Dairy’s manufacturing license until the investigation is completed.

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