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Gajwel war zone: KCR hopes to power 2nd term

With a former Congress strongman coming to the party, the party hopes that the arithmetic can work against KCR.
KCR because the CM is a lot of usually referred to as is taking no possibilities as he’s up for re-election for a second term from the Gajwel Assembly body. He has even determined to plead to the gods.
Earlier on, the house, located in Siddipet district, witnessed quite a spectacle when KCR, known to be deeply irrational, performed 2 large rituals; the Raja Shyamala Chandi Homam and Chandi Sahitha Hindu deity Homam, amid TRS leaders with the hope of storming into power within the state.
The fight for Gajwel isn’t attending to be a straightforward one for KCR as he’s up against Vanteru Pratap Reddy, an area strongman who has defected to the Congress from the TDP and has been electioneering ever since the Assembly was dissolved on Gregorian calendar month half-dozen, months before he was declared as a candidate.
On a junction that results in Gajwel city on the Hyderabad-Siddipet main road, a vehicle adorned with Congress colors is busy electioneering for the party.
Pratap has been a long-time politician and has worked his far from the grassroots level and has been protrusive persuasion on the premise that he’s from the realm. His supporters area unit telling voters that Pratisare obtainable to the general public in the least times in Gajwel itself in contrast to KCR.
A rally to support Vanteru Pratap Reddy in Gajwel city
In 2014, despite being within the TDP, a celebration thought-about against the formation of Telangana, Vanteru got thirty four.48% of the vote share in Gajwel against the Chief Minister’s forty four.42%.
Observers say that he had lost on the votes as former Gajwel MLA Narsa Reddy, United Nations agency was with the Congress at the time, had upset his calculations and split the votes.
Narsa Reddy had joined the TRS in 2014 and KCR had created him chairman of the Telangana State Road Development Corporation. However, the Congress this point, received a lift as Narsa Reddy rejoined the party.
KCR had won from Gajwel with 86,694 votes, whereas Vanteru Pratap Reddy secured 67,303 votes and Narsa Reddy over up with simply 34,085 votes. With Narsa Reddy currently throwing his weight behind Vanteru, the Congress currently believes that they’ll have an attempt at defeating KCR.
Analysts additionally purpose to the history of the Gajwel Assembly body. Since 1978, no sitting MLA in Gajwel has managed to retain their seat for 2 continuous terms. whereas constant leaders have managed to induce reelected, there has forever been a term or 2 in between, wherever they long-faced defeat.

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