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General Elections 2019: Regional parties to play key role, says Kavitha

TRS MP of Nizamabad, Ms. K. Kavitha told that in the General Elections of 2019, regional parties can play a polar role. She conjointly saidthat currently the time has come back for the Federal Front to assume power.

BJP and Congress got opportunities however they failed to fulfill the guarantees. She was responding to the inquiries to the press reporters whereas addressing “Meet the Press” program organized by Thiruvananthapuram Press Club.

She told the press reporters that her party is engaged in negotiating with numerous regional parties and intends to uproot BJP and Congress.

Mr. KCR told that however will Congress and BJP demand votes after they failed to fulfill guarantees they created earlier.

The agenda of regional parties isn’t to forge any coalition either with BJP or Congress. Regional parties can play a larger role within the next elections. She more appealed to the individuals to make sure non-Congress and non-BJP decree the country. She declared that the projected coalition of regional parties isn’t ‘Third Front’ howeverit’sa Federal Front. everyoneare going to be wonderstruck once Federal Front canwin success. She pleaded that States ought to tend additional freedom within the fields of Health, Education and Reservation.

Specifying the strategy adopted by her party for the coalition, Ms. Kavitha said that her party is functioning overtly and on the Q.T..

She recalled that Mr. Modi assumed power howeverfailed to fulfill the promise of providing thirty third reservation to ladies. Shouldn’t ladies of this country createa matter to him? She asked.
She secure that her party can fulfill all the guarantees it makes.

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