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International Mother Language Day On 21st Feb In Schools And Colleges

International Mother Language Day will be celebrated on February 21 in universities and schools nationwide. On behalf of the Central Government, the states, UGC and AICTE have instructed to persuade it by sending a letter. The special thing is that it is mandatory for students to take part in walk art, debate, singing, essay writing, painting competition in at least two languages.

According to senior officials of the Human Resource Development Ministry, UNESCO has announced International Mother Language Day on February 21. Its main objective is to increase the exchange of mutual brotherhood, language and culture in the world. Students must choose two Indian languages. There should be one language spoken in his house and another should not be his mother tongue. Due to the program, students will be able to meet other states’ language, culture, art, cuisine and heritage. Through the program, students will also get a chance to know their mother tongue.

Culture and language history
During the program, educational institutions must also provide information about the history of Indian culture and language. In addition to extinct Indian languages ​​and dialects, students will also be told in detail about dresses, catering and literature.

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