Is Congress In Telangana this time?

Hyderabad:According to some sources whereas many people that backed KCR in 2014 have switched to the Mahakutami during this election.
While the poorer sections have backed KCR as they need come back to spot Telangana with TRS and KCR’s schemes have benefitted them, several different sections of society have veered away thanks to unrealised guarantees.
The Congress has been particularly productive in lightness these failures of KCR. Naturally, the option for TRS is low wherever there area unit Seemandhra voters in massive numbers and border areas.
While a majority of the exit polls have foretold a conclusion for the TRS, leaders from opposition has foretold a conclusion for the Mahakutami.
According to some News Portal analysis district-wise in the state it is said that there is possibility that Mahakutami coming back to power with a winning tally of around 55-60 seats whereas TRS with around 35-40 seats seats, provide or take some.
In the last ten days the success of the campaign may be gauged from the actual fact that even in TRS strongholds like Karimnagar and Warangal wherever the T-sentiment is high; Mahakutami garnered a good share of votes too.

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