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America fears further intensification of Israel-Hamas war; Blinken warns against targeting American military personnel

Washington, 23 October: US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on Sunday that there is a possibility of an Israel-Hamas war due to Iranian involvement. He stressed that if any action is taken targeting American military personnel or armed forces, the Biden administration is ready to respond.

Blinken said that America does not want to increase tension. Nor do we want our military personnel to come under crossfire. However there is a fear that the fighters involved from Iran’s side will increase the tension by targeting our military personnel. We are ensuring that we can effectively protect our people and respond decisively in times of need.

It is noteworthy that Israel has intensified retaliatory action in the Gaza area. Israeli warplanes on Sunday attacked various targets in the Gaza area as well as two airports.

Israel has also continuously fired on the positions of the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah. While warning Hezbollah, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told his soldiers that if Hezbollah started a war, it would prove to be a big mistake because we would give it such a strong blow that it could not have been imagined. This would be disastrous for both it and Lebanon.

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