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Kamal Nath Cabinet: Splitting of departments in the Government of Madhya Pradesh, know who got what?

Bhopal: The clash of Congress, which has returned to power in Madhya Pradesh after finishing one decade’s exile, is at peak after the election results. Alam is that after four days, on the instructions of party president Rahul Gandhi, the departments were divided to the ministers late Friday. Actually, there was a tension between the creamy and cashier departments. Congress President Rahul Gandhi handed over responsibility to the state in charge Deepak Babariya for coordination, after which the matter was settled.

Meanwhile, the series of allegations and reactions continued. Team Kamal Nath’s 28 ministers had taken oath on Tuesday, but for departments they had to wait four days. Sources reveal that there was no consensus between senior leader Digvijay Singh and MP Jyotiraditya Scindia, for the possession of the creamy and cash-rich departments. This dispute of division split was also in question in front of the Delhi court. Congress President Rahul Gandhi handed over responsibility to coordinate the state-in-charge Deepak Babariya between all the parties. Meanwhile, many ministers did not become ministers, they had camped in Delhi after adopting a rebellious posture.

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Some other legislators including Senior Congress MLA, Adal Singh Kanshana and Bisahu Lal Singh were also active in Delhi. MLA KP Singh Kakkaju refused to say anything in the discussion on Dainik Jagan’s collaboration with New Delhi. He definitely said that I am returning from Delhi. There was news about the addition of MLA Hiralal that he has reached Delhi to meet Rahul Gandhi, but on late night he denied these things. He told me that I did not get time to meet On the other hand, former Chief Minister Shivraj Singh, who came out on the pilgrimage of Jagannathpuri, also targeted the government on Friday through tweet on the issue.

Brained thoughts on the phone
Chief Minister Kamal Nath was sitting in the ministry till 12.40 pm from 10.00 noon till the news was written between the dragging departments. Afternoon, they did not give any time to meet someone for about two hours. He was only busy on the phone. It is said that he has conveyed his concern to the Delhi Durbar on the part of the government’s pitcher on the departmental divide. After this, the department’s division of the department was released at around ten in the night.

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As expected, the Chief Minister has kept eight departments including industry, public relations, skill development, and employment. To cooperate in departmental work, Bala Bachchan and PC Sharma will also be associated with the Chief Minister. Bala Bachchan has been kept important by giving the Department of Home and Prison, Public Works to Sajjan Singh Verma, Health to Tulsiram Silavat, Cooperative to Dr. Govind Singh and Parliamentary Affairs, Revenue and Transport to Govind Singh Rajput. Not only this, Tarun Bhanot was given the responsibility of Finance and Digvijay Singh’s son Jayvardhan Singh as an important department for urban development.

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