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Mahalaya 2020: this time 35 days gap between Mahalaya and Durga Pooja: Know why?

This year Mahalaya will be celebrated on September 17, 2020. Bengali’s are already excited to welcome Goddess Durga on Maha sashti but this time Durga Pooja could be celebrated after a month of Mahalaya, unlike other years.

Mahalaya is the combination of words Maha this means that grand and Alaya or homestead. These days are quite unique for Bengali’s. The auspicious event is well known with stunning traditions and wealthy memories.
Mahalaya 2020 is on on Thursday this is September 17th. Commonly, the gap between Mahalaya and Durga Pooja is of six days however this time Maha sasthi will begin on October 22, 2020. There’s a gap of right 35 days.

Mahalaya is widely known after Pitru Paksha ends or when Hindus remember their ancestors. Humans take part in lots of rituals like offering food and water to the needy to explicit their love and gratitude to their forefathers. A few Bengali’s additionally listen to devotional songs and recitation from Chandi Path.

Talking of 35 days gap between Mahalaya and Durga Pooja, it’s miles because of Mala Mash which is likewise called an unholy month. On this month, Bengali’s avoid rituals because mala mash has moons which aren’t considered holy.

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