Meet Chandramukhi – a TV artist,Bharatanatyam dancer and the First Transgender To Contest Assembly Election

Hyderabad : There are an estimated 30,000 members of transgender community in Telangana State and 2,000 in Hyderabad. And though the young state claming so many welfare affairs but none of this community got any government positions and facilities.

But there is a Trans-female Chandramukhi who dared to raise her voice for community for so long. Chandramukhi Muvvala ,a well-known face in Hyderabad’s trans community, who is contesting from the Goshamahal constituency in Hyderabad on a Bahujan Left Front ticket.

The 32-year-old who filed her nominations and is contesting on a CPM-led Bahujan Left Front  . While inteacrting with Riaan.tv team ,She said that No party came forward to give a transgender a ticket to contest the polls. But, BLF gave her the ticket and she filled nominations.

Telangana Hijra Transgender Samiti member Chandramukhi said that contesting in the Telangana Assembly Elections is not about winning or losing, it is more about making a pronouncement. She wants to be a part of the race and make sure that he community voice should be understand and heard .

Her aim to work towards this deprived communiy and get all the rights of being human that is health, education, reservation or security welfare of transgender persons .

“The Government still far away to provide dignified employment to the community. We are willing to work even as municipal sweepers or anything but even that work is not offered as full time emploment,” Muvvala mentioned.

Chandramukhi,who fights for transgender rights activist for decades said that though Supreame court announced some laws but still not implemented properly.Govi have shown serious negligence.

Chandramukhi completed her graduation and worked in several films as Character artist . Chandramukhi Muvvala is a commentator on a TV channel and also Bharatnatyam dancer.

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