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Modi’s Fiery Rally in Pilibhit: Calls out Congress’ Anti-Ram Stance

Pilibhit: On Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a rally in Pilibhit and launched a scathing attack on the Congress party. He accused the party of having an anti-Ram mindset and insulting the ‘Shakti’ that is worshipped by millions across the globe. He criticized the Congress for its attempts to stall the construction of the Ram Temple and for turning down the invitation to its consecration ceremony.

He also noted that the Congress had expelled its members who attended the ceremony, showing their disregard for the country’s legacy. The Prime Minister emphasized on the beginning of Navratri and how it is a time to worship ‘Shakti’, but the Congress leaders have no qualms about insulting it. He further stated that the INDI alliance is trying to destroy ‘Shakti’ and that Congress has grossly insulted this power which is worshipped in the country today.

The Prime Minister also pointed out that Congress’s manifesto reads like that of the Muslim League and follows a policy of appeasement. He highlighted the BJP’s actions towards various communities, such as opening the Kartarpur corridor for Sikhs, and contrasted it with Congress’s past actions like the 1984 riots targeting Sikhs.

The Prime Minister also praised India’s progress and its ability to stand on its own feet, unlike earlier when Congress used to seek help from other countries. He concluded by saying that despite difficulties, India has shown that nothing is impossible for it and has even helped other countries during the COVID-19 crisis by providing medicines and vaccines.

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