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Power Misused? Explosive Allegations Against BRS MLC

Hyderabad, 26 October: In a recent turn of events, Mr Chandra Sekhar Vege, the Managing Director of Goldfish Abode Pvt Ltd, has come forward to address the harassment and false allegations being faced by his company and employees. He has alleged that Mr Challa Venkatrami Reddy, an MLC, is misusing his official power to harass them and has joined hands with Mr. B Harshavardhan Reddy to implicate them in false cases.

Vege further explained that by exerting pressure on the local police, these individuals are issuing threats to him and his employees. He expressed deep anguish over the non-cooperation of the local police in taking note of these actions. In fact, he even mentioned how the local police tried to impose the PD Act on them, adding to their troubles.

In response to these allegations levelled by Mr Challa Venkatrami Reddy in a recent press conference, Sri Chandra Sekhar Vege took the bold step of organising a press conference today at the Hotel Taj Deccan in Hyderabad. During the conference, he made a detailed presentation to explain every fact behind the incident and its background. Through various documents and detailed notes, he placed all the relevant facts in the public domain, shedding light on the truth.

Vege also pointed out that, as Challa Venkatrami Reddy is not in a position to proceed legally against them, they are resorting to illegal methods to threaten them. This shows their desperation and malicious intent towards Goldfish Abode Pvt Ltd. However, Vege reassured that his company is committed to taking this fight forward by using all legal means and will not back down. Vege expressed his confidence in the Indian judicial system and hoped that justice would prevail in due course.

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