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Here is who said what and why Rahul Gandhi was disqualified from serving in LS

New Delhi: Rahul Gandhi, the leader of the Congress, has been expelled from the Lok Sabha. A day after receiving a two-year prison sentence in a defamation case from a Surat court, Rahul was stripped of his right to vote. Rahul represented Kerala’s Wayanad Lok Sabha district as a member of parliament. Rahul Gandhi tweeted that he is battling for the voice of India on this matter. He will bear any expense to achieve this.

Rahul Gandhi’s membership has been terminated in accordance with Article 102 (1) (e) of the Constitution and Section 8 of the Representation of the People Act, 1951, according to a notification released by the Lok Sabha Secretariat on Friday. A court in Surat, Gujarat, sentenced Rahul to two years in prison on Thursday after finding him guilty of making a remark about Modi’s last name. Rahul was also given bail by the court at the same time. In addition, the sentence was suspended by the court for 30 days. The Lok Sabha Secretariat then decided to terminate his membership, which took effect on Thursday. (23 March 2023).

In Kolar, Karnataka, during the 2019 election campaign, Rahul remarked, “How are the surnames of all thieves Modi? Purnesh Modi, a BJP MLA from Surat West, filed a defamation lawsuit in response to Rahul’s statement. Rahul, according to him, has insulted the whole Modi community.

Rahul Gandhi’s removal as a member of the Lok Sabha has been opposed by Congress. On Friday, Jairam Ramesh, the general secretary of the Congress, tweeted that we would fight this battle both legally and politically. The Congress will not cower or keep quiet. Ramesh claimed that in the Adani incident, Rahul Gandhi was disqualified rather than the Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC). This is untrue. The legal and political battle will go on in Congress.

Rahul Gandhi’s Lok Sabha membership was allegedly terminated by the Modi government for speaking out against injustice, according to senior Congressman Abhishek Manu Singhvi. Rahul has been punished for telling the truth, according to Singhvi, who claimed this during a press conference at the party’s headquarters. The issue is more political than legal.

He claimed that this administration is purposefully destroying all institutions of democracy. The right to free speech is being slowly restricted by this government. Rahul has been outspoken about his opinions in the interest of the public. The government used to get hurt by these things. On every issue, including the GST, China, demonetisation, and Adani, Rahul has been outspoken. He brought up public issues from Parliament to the highway. This was intolerable to the government. He was removed from the Parliament in order to keep the laws and regulations in check because of this. Singhvi stated that he will take this matter to court. He fully trusts the court. There, Rahul will receive justice.

According to Singhvi, Gujarat was not involved in the case in which Rahul was punished. The statement was made by Rahul in Kolar. (Karnataka). In Surat, a complaint was filed. In such a case, the law mandates that the judge determine whether the matter under consideration falls within his or her purview before the hearing, but the court passed judgement without complying with this requirement. It is prohibited by the law.

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