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Telangana Poll : Prof. Kodandaram promises to restore glorious past of Muslim if wins

Hyderabad: President of Telangana Jana Samithi (TJS) told that just in case the grand alliance resumes power in Telangana, steps would be taken to implement the recommendations of Sacchar Committee and Sudheer Commission of Inquiry.
Prof. Kodandaram additional told that Sudheer Commission has additionally suggested providing equal opportunities to Muslims. Necessary steps would be taken to revive the fantastic past of the Muslims.
He was addressing “Meet the press” meeting organized by Telangana Union of operating Journalists yesterday. He additional told that separate Telangana Movement was launched on the premise of principles. once resuming power, Mr. KCR forgot everything. No section of society is pleased with the functioning of TRS Govt. Students, women, Dalit, depressed categories and Minorities got assurances however ne’erconsummated. Grand alliance has been fashioned to finish the social organisation variety of functioning of Mr. KCR. the target of Telangana Movement was development of 4 large integer individuals of Telangana. He criticized the policies of KCR and aforementioned that everyone is sad with him.
He privy that Telangana Jana Samithi written a report on the standing of farmers that has been submitted to the government. Mr. KCR didn’t take any action for the progress of farmers within the past.

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