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D/T : 8 August 2022 9:01 AM

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 The fourth COVID-19 wave have begun in Pakistan : Pakistani Minister



Despite an increase in cases, Pakistani Minister Umar Khan has stated that the government will not enforce a complete lockdown during the fourth wave of the pandemic.

In the face of the potential of new and undetected COVID-19 variations, Pakistan’s authorities announced on July 9 that the country has seen “clear indicators” of the fourth wave of infections.


Umar’s warning comes only a day after Prime Minister Imran Khan cautioned that if individuals break the rules, Pakistan could be attacked by a fourth wave of the coronavirus.


“I weeted two weeks ago that our artificial intelligence models are predicting the appearance of a fourth wave. There are now clear early signals of the onset of a fourth wave “Asad Umar, Pakistan’s Federal Minister of Planning, tweeted about it.

In another tweet, the minister said that field reports showed a complete disregard for the vaccination status of persons visiting indoor weddings, restaurants, and gyms.
“If the owners of these facilities do not take responsibility and assure compliance, they will be forced to close,” he warned.

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