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Monsoon Season :Pregnant women and their children must be cared for

By,Dr.Vimala Kumari, MBBS, MD(Obstetrics & Gynecology), DRME, ISOM (MUNICH), Ankura Hospital for women & children

It’s that time of year when the monsoon arrives, delivering much-needed relief from the scorching heat of the summer. However, the rainy season necessitates extra precautions for good health, particularly among pregnant women and youngsters, who are both susceptible to diseases during this time, according to experts. Dr. Vimala Kumari, MBBS, MD(Obstetrics and Gynecology), DRME, ISOM (MUNICH), Consultant Obstetrics and Gynecologist at Ankura Hospital for Women and Children.

Mosquitoes are attracted to rain. Mosquitoes are the carriers of severe diseases including dengue fever and malaria. The most important precaution to take to avoid mosquito breeding is to avoid any type of water buildup in and around the house.

Infections caused by tainted food and water are also common during the rainy season. To avoid diseases such as typhoid and cholera, make sure to consume freshly prepared meals and drink filtered water. Carrying a small box of snacks instead of consuming street food, especially that which is saturated in oil, should be preferred when going out. Even during the monsoon, pregnant women are advised to drink plenty of water to avoid headaches, nausea, and fainting. Although highly recommended at other seasons, green and leafy vegetables can harbour insects during this season and should be ingested with extreme caution.

Pregnant women and children with underlying health issues such as allergies or a deviated nasal septum are more susceptible to nasal block, sore throat, sinusitis, and asthma attacks at this period. Because the air contains more moisture, it is recommended that you wear light, airy, and dry clothing to avoid fungal infections. Cotton clothing is recommended. Diapers should be avoided for babies to avoid diaper rash, and small garments should be ironed and stored to keep them free of any leftover moisture.

During the monsoon season, it is critical to maintain good hygiene. Hand hygiene should be adhered to to the letter, which includes frequent hand washing and the use of hand sanitizer.
Along with the above, maintaining a healthy diet with a balance of vitamins, minerals and proteins for a pregnant woman is recommended to keep her immunity boosted. Children on the other hand should be supervised for the time they spend outdoors and no matter how tempting the rain be, both should avoid getting drenched in the rain to avoid flu.

All children should be vaccinated against Typhoid, Cholera, Rotavirus, Hepatitis A, and Influenza. The influenza vaccine is safe during pregnancy and should be given to all pregnant women to prevent serious illness, such as high-grade fevers and respiratory distress, which can harm both the mother and the foetus.

These small, long-term procedures and safeguards go a long way toward protecting your loved ones from major problems while still allowing you to enjoy the showers. Clean Habits, Clean Food, Clean Water, and Clean Surroundings is the slogan. Good luck with the monsoons!

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