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UP local body elections, the BJP scored a big victory over Akhilesh

The BJP is expected to win heavily in municipal elections in Uttar Pradesh, handing Akhilesh Yadav’s Samajwadi Party a major defeat.
The BJP is expected to win more over 60 seats in the zila panchayat chairman election, which has 75 seats up for grabs.
Only six seats are expected to be won by Mr Yadav’s party. In comparison, Mr Yadav’s party won 60 of the 75 seats in the same election in 2016.
Local body surveys, on the other hand, are unlikely to predict which way the wind will blow in the assembly election next year, according to those who study the elections. In comparison, Mr Yadav’s party won 60 of the 75 seats in the same election in 2016.
Local body elections, on the other hand, are unlikely to be a good predictor of which way the wind will blow in the assembly election next year, which will also serve as a final test for BJP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.
Nonetheless, the local government elections are being closely followed.
Police baton charges were used against Samajwadi Party workers who staged a street demonstration today in Prayagraj, formerly Allahabad, alleging rigging in the local body poll.
Previously, twenty-one BJP candidates and one from the Samajwadi Party were elected without opposition. There are 3,000 zila panchayat members in Uttar Pradesh. Chairpersons for the state’s 75 districts will be chosen in this election.
he Bahujan Samaj Party, led by Mayawati, did not contest the local body elections.
It is not uncommon for leaders to be elected unopposed in local body elections in Uttar Pradesh. Half of the 60 seats won by the Samajwadi Party in the zila panchayat chairman elections in 2016 were won without opposition. The Chief Minister at the time was Mr Yadav.  The BJP swept the state in the legislative election a year later.

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