Transgender: The DEPRIVED part of the Society

India’s transgender community, called “hijras,” who have their origins as way back as 3,000 years agone that mentions in the Hindu epics “Mahabharata” and “Ramayana.”In Hindu mythology, there have been trans those who were referred to as Kinnars and were placed aboard Yakshas and Gandharvas. Characters like Shikhandi, Ila, Mohini, etc, to call a number of, taking part in important roles.

In India, issues faced by transgender people with deep-rooted discrimination and make them the greatest outliers.
However, Transgender in India has found a stand-in 2014 however, still several face discrimination and struggle to seek out work. There is 5 million transgender in India, normally referred to as Hijra – a definition that additionally includes transsexuals, cross-dressers, transvestites, and eunuchs.
During the Mughal Empire, that dominated the Indian landmass between 1526 and 1858, they’re believed to own control important power, serving as royal advisers and protectors of royal harems.
Their standing deteriorated quickly but throughout the British empire.
Despite this but, the community is among the foremost marginalized within the country, with access to education and jobs largely nonexistent.

The survey shows that heavily ingrained unfairness from family and relatives often forces trans people to run away from home in their teen. They are forced to take in a community that has refused to provide with education and jobs. And as a result, they don’t have any way but force them to beg on the streets and even prostitution which often subjected to sexual violence.
Though the new bill recommends up to 2-years imprisonment for physical and sexual abuse, violence against transgender people is extremely high still today and amendments of these any of this legal aid failed. According to NHRC, India has failed to implement SC guidelines in NALSA (National Legal Services Authority vs Union of India) judgment.

Even with discrimination and a poor understanding of culture, the government has checked some boxes to improve the lives of trans people. But the government should modify the transgender rights bill to ensure that this deprived community can self-identify their legal gender without unwanted intervention from any commission including medical, psychological etc.

And the only introduction of Law can’t support this alone, what will be more supportive if this community’s voice should be heard and understand their access to all rights like social security measures, benefits, and empowerment.

And the Team of Riaan.tv believes that it is our duty to stand with the deprived communities and be the voice or create a platform to raise a voice which is any Human’s Haq की Baat.


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