Communal Harmony

#UnitedByFaith – Story of a Muslim Man from Lucknow lends home to rebuild templeime

Lucknow :India is all set to celebrate 71 years of India’s Independence.Today is the Right time to sing for Noorul Hasan- a Muslim resident in Lucknow who gave up a part of his house when it came to restoring an abandoned old Hindu temple.
A Short movie, produced by Highway Films, tells a day in the life of Hasan who loves helping inside the temple yet he is a devout Muslim.
Terribly tiny talkies collaborates with united colors of Benetton and brings you a true inspiring  story on a communal harmony.
According to united colors of Benetton ,”This Independence Day, allow this heartwarming story to serve as a timely reminder of the fact that humanity is the biggest religion of them all. Today, and for all days to come, may we be #UnitedByFaith”

Few months back, Noorul Hasan, the 75 years old businessman told to English daily that he believes religious intolerance would be a thing of the past if people learnt to respect diverse ideologies. “My family believes that every religion should be respected,” he said. “People should not be restricted from doing their bit for other religions. We do as much as we can for the temple.”
After 70 years of Independence still instability, differences , hatred and religious violence playing redicoulous role over our country.
Hope Stories like this make people belive in more HUMIANITY then religious differences.
We are Indian. And We are all #UnitedByFaith.
Jai Hind!

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