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Vrozart Health offers Ayurveda therapies to its patients all around the world

India is without a doubt one of the world’s most major medical convenience hubs, and Ayurveda is an integral part of the country’s culture. Since 2015, the global ayurvedic market has grown at an annual pace of 16.2 percent, indicating a growing desire for alternative medicine and wellness experiences.
Vrozart Health will now be able to cater to all patients seeking a natural path and alternative medicine to treat their ailments/diseases as a result of this effort.
To bring this idea to life, Vrozart Health has partnered with AyurVAID Institutions, a pioneering chain of new generation Ayurveda hospitals.
Vrozart Health, the Vrozart Group’s healthcare division, has announced its foray into the Ayurveda industry with the launch of Ayurveda therapies for its patients around the world.
“Until recently, we’ve had patients come from Bangladesh, Nepal, Iran, Kenya, and Nigeria for reasons including quality medical care at a reasonable cost and ease of access.
With the addition of Ayurveda, we will now be able to respond to current requests for ayurveda treatments and wellness experiences from European and American patients,” said Avnish Kumar, Co-Founder and Head of Operations at Vrozart Health.
Vrozart Health’s presentation of Ayurveda treatments strives to demystify and decode the realm of Ayurveda for the general public. Apart from its existing expert services on medical convenience, the large range of Ayurveda therapies offered covers a wide spectrum of health concerns and will provide patients with the following benefits.
1. For the first time, insurance coverage is feasible with Ayurveda treatment.
2. Using natural methods to treat mental illnesses
3. Treatments that are both cost-effective and long-lasting
4. There is no waiting period.
5. The best of modern facilities and technology are offered for a 5000-year-old science.
AyurVAID is one of the largest chains of Ayurveda hospitals in India, with nine hospitals and clinics around the country, including Gurgaon and Bangalore. They have dedicated themselves to using true Ayurveda to cure various health conditions.
“By bringing together the expertise of AyurVAID hospitals and our learning from providing medical convenience to our patients, Vrozart Health is now moving full-fledged into Ayurveda treatments,” stated Neeraj Dhawan, Co-Founder & Business Head, Vrozart Health. We want to redefine medical convenience for our patients by becoming one of the first healthcare providers to develop a large network of treatments that are not covered by insurance.

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