Where the influencer rules the roost: InfluencerCon

InfluencerCon, an event focused on bringing together digital content creators, is taking place this week in Hyderabad…

A first of its kind event, InfluencerCon is dedicated to facilitating conversation and networking, and features prominent workshops and talks by well-known digital content creators as well as popular social media platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and others.

To be hosted by IndiaJoy 2019, the event will be held at the Novotel HICC on November 22nd and 23rd. Over 500 attendees are expected at InfluencerCon to partake in 30+ speaker sessions, workshops, informal interactive sessions etc.

Explaining TikTok’s presence at the event, the TikTok spokesperson said, “TikTok creators have brought diversity to the digital content creation ecosystem by bringing alive passion, talent and cultures through short-form videos. InfluencerCon intends to bridge the gap between creators, brands, and other stakeholders by providing a platform to collaborate and create. We are excited to be a part of this edition and hope the creator community benefits from our creator workshops and gets to know TikTok better.”

Being a digital content creator is a lucrative profession now but there are no institutes teaching aspiring creators how to do this and that’s where InfluencerCon plays a big role in bringing all the players together under one platform. Most of the top and successful creators will be at the event sharing their stories, and insights.

“I’m excited about the tremendous amount of learning that InfluencerCon will facilitate,” says Among Imsong, Convener, adding: “Platforms like YouTube, Facebook and TikTok will be doing talks and workshops, and we’ll also have highly engaging panel discussions from top creator agencies in the country.”

Sudeep Lahiri of One Digital Entertainment Media will be giving a talk on ‘Managing Your Managers,’ an insightful talk for aspiring creators as they get into the business in a big way and need the expertise of agencies and managers to take them to the next level. The conference features talks and discussion on diverse and important topics such as how to deal with online trolls, bullying, how to monetise, collaborate with brands, etc. The two days event will be through and through a learning experience for everybody.”

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