Will ‘Rahul-Priyanka” turn dice in Lok Sabha election’?

Sam Pitroda, who led the Communication Revolution in the Rajiv Gandhi government, said on Sunday that Priyanka Gandhi will be helpful to Congress President Rahul Gandhi in getting votes of youth. This pair of brothers and sisters will prove to be a diversion for the party in the Lok Sabha elections because the country needs a young team.
Pitroda, who is considered a Congress strategist and technician, said that Rahul-Priyanka will create a spectacular team with many other young leaders, including active Sachin Pilot, Jyotiraditya Scindia and Milind Deora. These people will take the country forward rather than hanging on history and religion.

Rahul Gandhi ready to take over as PM

Indian Overseas Congress Chief Pitroda said that Rahul has learned a lot from the 2014 elections and he is far more mature, strong and intelligent. He said that the prime minister was ready to take charge of the post. He said that since becoming the Congress President, Rahul Gandhi’s popularity has increased quadruple on the day-to-day because after assuming charge of the party, he got complete powers and exemption.
Pitroda who has led the Knowledge Commission during the Manmohan Singh government is in the US. In an interview to PTI from Chicago, he said that India needs a young leader who has the inclusive vision of the future, who will take care of employment and bring new opportunities for everyone.
Pitroda, a longtime friend of the Gandhi family, said that India today needs a person who believes in teamwork, cohesion and cooperation, and it is inversely against the centralized power center. India today really needs a person who believes in truth instead of lying, who believes in faith and not in fate, who believes in the inclusion and not someone else Rahul is in the right age to lead India.

Priyanka will come in active politics

Asked about Priyanka Gandhi’s debut in active politics as the Congress general secretary in charge of Eastern Uttar Pradesh, she said that she will become a big and good leader. He said that he is hopeful that Priyanka’s active politics will have a big impact on the elections.
Pitroda said that he would be helpful in his brother’s efforts. She will support her in encouraging the youth, especially women. They are both young, they represent a large youth team in the party, they are modern, they are people associated with technology and have respect for history in their minds and they also have a vision of the future.
Pitroda said that he is confident that Priyanka will attract more people in mainstream and young India needs this. It is known that Pitroda is seen as a Chief Advisor for the Gandhi family.
Pitroda said that Rahul has all the qualities of becoming a good Prime Minister because he is good with heart and he is willing to work in the wider interest of the people of India and the country. He said that Rahul is not operated with personal and vested interests. They operate from people who are on the lower run of economic pyramid. It operates in the minds of the farmers’ welfare and inclusion … they believe in ‘Idea of ​​India’.
Asked whether Rahul Gandhi’s overseas Indian program abroad would be similar to the programs of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He said that this will not happen and Rahul’s visit not only aims to do big programs with NRI, but to meet local leaders and businessmen, interact with students, join Indian Nationals of Indian Overseas Congress, and then collectively To meet them, we have to be part of a big program.
Pitroda, who formed the National Innovation Council during the Congress-led UPA regime, also said that Rahul talks to students wherever he goes. Pitroda, who worked closely with Rajiv Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi, said that they can not be compared because there is a great difference in India and today’s 35 years of India. However, he said that like Rajiv Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi also believes in new ideas.
Asked whether Rahul-Priyanka’s pair will prove to be a turning winner for the Congress in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in April-May, Pitroda said that I think it would be so. People will see the benefits of a young team with a modern approach. The country needs to look back and go ahead instead of hanging on history and religion.
Pitroda said on the BJP’s allegations of promoting dynastic politics of the Congress that dynasticism is in every area, but in the end it is the work that matters. Dynasty can not help if you do not do better.
He said that Rahul Gandhi can do the things he would like to do. After becoming the Congress President, he created a young team, gave respect to senior leaders and realized that in order to move forward, he will need new thinking and new blood (youth) and this is what he is trying to do.

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