A Family’s Supernatural Quest for Itishree’s Return

Bhubaneswar: The tragic death of two daughters from diarrhea in Purandapur village, Odisha, prompted their family to make a desperate attempt to bring back their beloved Itishree. The family, devastated by the loss of their daughters, decided to perform a supernatural ritual of marking the corpse with hot iron in the hopes of resurrecting her. However, upon receiving information about the superstitious practice, the police intervened and launched an investigation.

This incident highlights the deep-seated belief in superstitions and traditional practices that still prevail in some communities, despite advancements in modern medicine and science. It serves as a reminder of the need for education and awareness to eradicate such harmful and baseless beliefs. The loss of two young lives is a tragic reminder of the consequences of blind faith and the importance of seeking medical help in times of illness.

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