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Australia’s Visa Reversal: Win for Palestinian Refugees, Human Rights Advocates

Canberra: The Australian government has recently reversed its decision to cancel visas for some Palestinians who were fleeing the ongoing conflict in Gaza. This decision came after strong criticism from various groups, including the Palestine Australia Relief and Action group, whose executive director Rasha Abbas confirmed that eight out of the 11 Palestinians supported by their organization had their visas reinstated. The government’s decision to cancel the visas without prior warning had left many Palestinians stranded in a third country, causing further distress and uncertainty for these individuals. The Department of Home Affairs had alleged that these individuals were planning to overstay their visitor visas, but this claim has now been retracted.

While some visa holders have had their visa reinstated, efforts are being made to ensure the remaining visa holders can also travel to Australia. This move by the Australian government comes amidst ongoing conflict in Gaza and shows a willingness to provide support and refuge for those affected by the crisis.

So far, 2,200 visas have been granted to Palestinians and 2,400 to Israelis since the start of the conflict, highlighting Australia’s commitment towards humanitarian aid and support for those in need.

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